>20 months already… ♡

>♡… how time manages to slowly but fast tick away, leaving us baffled and confused behind wondering how yesterday became last year! It’s amazing to look back and realize that what feels like ages ago was actually just recent… With kids in ones life, this happens more and more often and I have to say I’ve had moments where I was terrified of blinking – of missing out – of suddenly have t look age in the eye..

I’m a mama now and the days are filled with love and laughter, tears and frustration, cuddles and stress – LIFE happens and the time is just speeding up! It scares me and excites me and even if I know I’m still young and still got tons of life in me – It will happen – I will get to that point where I look back and wonder – where did it all go? Did I miss something?

Little gorgeous BunBun is already 20 months! Its just a wonderful time filled with new challenges and even more love – how can I still fit MORE ♡in there?
She is more “her own person” every day and I love the little person she is growing into! Its an amazing journey to be part of and I feel so blessed – so filled with love and pride over this tiny little person with so much to offer her surroundings. She’s loving and playful and more and more indipendant and it’s a pleasure seing how she interacts with kids and also the love and trust she shares with her caretakers at daycare – knowing she can learn and grow with wonderful mental and physical stimulation!

My baby is now a toddler and even though I selfishly miss the little baby stage – It is so rewarding and amazing being part of this development – guiding my “♡”  to independence, to life. How can one do anything other than love her with all my being?

I thank the heavens for giving me this family, for blessing me with perfection and for filling my heart with unconditional love for them!

Happy 20 month “bday” my ♡, you are my all!


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