>Okay, so its been a while…

>Its been super hectic with getting everything ready for Christmas before we went “mile high” over to Canada.
Both hubs and me got the flu, and time just RAN out!
I was seriously stressed out and almost had a breakdown trying to get my head above water…

Poor hubs, he really had to deal with a Wicked Witch lately and even all he does is try to help me – in his own way…
I was close to losing it when we finally got to the airport – and as we were queing for bording the plane, he let it drop that we were in fact flying buisness all the way over the Atlantic! I was close to fainting and had to cry a bit and felt some huge bricks just come off my sholders as we sat down in the far front of the plane.
I have to say – traveling with a toddler when one is sick and wore down became soooo much easyer when we had a massive seat each (us adults) and was able to make use of the “Lounge” when waiting between flights.

However somthing always has to go “wrong” and the Oslo-Copenhagen flight was delayed due to snow and ice and we wnded up having to RUN as fast as our legs could carry us from gate to gate at Copenhagen thinking we might actually loose the flight!!  We finally get there and the lafies at boarding lets us know the flight is in fact also delayed by bloody 45 min and that we still had “lots” of time…. Right – ‘tell my f&@ing jellyfish legs that!!!’….

Anyway the long over seas flight went allot better then expected (in the shape i was in) and we made it to Toronto well and happy 🙂 Just to find that ALL 4 checked in luggages had NOT made it there and was stuck somewhere in Europe!!!! THANKS Star Alliance!


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