.. Shes growing up so quickly!

To say that Bun is an active girl might be an understatement – but yeah she is.. All morning we were outside trying to to get the garden and all ready for summer – it had been too long since we did anything out there and it was desperately needed! We managed to get some sorted out and while we broke a sweat and threw our backs out – Bun was tended to by the older neighborhood kids, Bun was thrilled with the attention ♡

After a while they brought her to the neighbors garden where they all went on the massive trampoline! I was dubious at first, they are older but still kids – so I kept a close eye on them. Bun however LOVED it! She flew, jumped & twirled around on that thing for so long – she just didn’t want to leave it! So yes, its official – shes no baby no more and YES she’s gettig a trampoline all to her self! Cant wait to see her face when its all set up – shell fly to the roof!


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