Meet Betty!

Buns mormor (grandma) bought her a new doll this week and Bun was gifted it yesterday afternoon – I love these dolls and Bun was just as exited! She would not stand still for even a sec to hav pics done – a lil propeller is what she is!

This lil beauty is a Rubens Baby from the Sweedish brand Rubens Barn – They have a whole colletion of dolls in categories – and they are all just sooo lovely!

They are designed for love, but also for kids to lern about their body in such a cute way too 🙂 They are very popular in daycares and preschools all over Scandinavia and now bun has her own. We desided to go with the Rubens Baby as they are designed for small kids and Bun is really in to babies at the moment. Ours was purchased in a wonderful store who has a huge range available in their store! Dont forget to have a good look at their awesome range of Attatchment Parenting friendly products♡

Buns doll is called Molly – but was renamed for the time being to Betty ♡ *Yes she is wearing a clothdiaper!!*

Some pics from us 🙂 Isn’t she just stunning!

Bun is so proud of her baby!

She can even use Buns Binky! *Thank you Kristin for shipping the Dora binkies to us!!*

And as she has a pee-pee, she needs to go pee-pee like Bun 🙂 *crappy phone pic here*


I just had tu update the post with some IMPORTANT links to where one can purchase these lovelys ♡


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