The Last Carb-BOMB!

So.. Im going on a Low Carb diet again from tomorrow and had a few HIGH Carb ingredients that needed to be used or thrown out :p The environmental humanitarian in me decided on making use of them and make what I could with them.. It ended up becoming my favourite Chocolate Cake with a twist :p This cake is seriously delicious AND filling and a lighter type cake for the grown ups – Ps. kiddos LOVE it too!

I wanted to share with you the recipe and hope that some can make use of it even though Im burying it – for a while :p

You’ll need the following for the cake base:

2 cups SUGAR (1 cup is approx. 180-200 ml)

1 cup Milk

2 cups Plain Wheat Flour

1 cup Margarin (normal salted)

100 grams Cocking Chocolate

3 Eggs

1-2 ts Raising flour (bake pulver)


150 grams Margarine

1oo grams Cocking chocolate

2 Eggs

300 grams Icing Sugar

Instructions for the base:

Start by setting your backing oven to 170˚celsius. (Not hot air!!)

1 cup of sugar, 1 cup of milk & 100 grams chocolate in a glass bowl and heat over water in a casserole on medium heat – get it off the heat once the choc is melted and just whisk it together. Let cool down some.

Put the margarine and sugar  in a mixing bowl and blend till white. Separate the the wites and yolks of 3 eggs and add 1 yolk at the time to the blended sugar/margarine mix and whisk the egg whites till it resembles a fluffy cloud and stands up in stiff peaks when blades are lifted in a separate bowl  – add the luke warm choc milk and the wheat/rising flour to the sugar mix – then the fluffy egg whites at last .  It should now have a light brown color and be very smooth in texture.

Transfer the base mix into a 28 cm diag. springform pan that has been prepared with margarine & flour (keeps the cake from sticking to the pan)

This is where little helpers get to lick the utensils  :p

and put it in the oven on middle for 30-45 mins. Less is more on the timing so I always start at 30 mins and check my cake with a poking stick. If it sticks to it – wait 5 mins and try again, as soon as it doesnt stick to the stick – its done!

Instructions for the frosting:

Heat the margarine and chocolate in a glass bowl over water in the casserole. Whisk carefully till totally melted and blended – but try not to get it too hot. Let cool.

Mix egg and Icing sugar (Melis in Norwegian) until thick and light – like custard.

When as thick as possible add the chocolate and margarine mix till fully blended. Keep in fridge until cake base is completely cooled down.

Here comes the twist. When base has cooled down to room temp slice it horizontally in the middle to make a top and bottom layer. Place the bottom layer on a plate/cake stand. Fill with whatever your heart desires not more then a cm thick as it will make the cake unstable. Add on the top layer and press down very gently to even it out.

Ive used a “Ready To Use” Betty Crocker vanilla icing. It was bought at a local grocery shop – but is imported from England.

Even out around the edges and brush off any loose crumbs. Get the chocolate frosting from the fridge and pour it on to the top – gently spreading it out towards the edge. The frosting is soft and sometimes even running a bit. This is one frosting that you wont avoid melting a bit and coming down on the plate edge, so I recommend to use a cake stand/plate with a deeper rim around it.

Voila! A gorgeously luscious and heavy carb BOMB – for your enjoyment!

hmmm.. I may need another piece before the night…. Yummy!



One thought on “The Last Carb-BOMB!

  1. Herremin den så god ut…. Men fy deg,Charlotte.Tenk å servere folket(:meg)en slik fristelse når bikinisesongen er rett rundt hjørnet….:/

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