Back on LCHF diet!

Wish me luck! I’ve got a looooong road a head – and its going to be seriously rough.

Im hoping I can finally look towards some lighter times, and for once follow through for me – just me! Im so sick of being sick, tired of being tired  – but most of all Im tired of being over weight.  It has gone too far and the comfort food is now the enemy, the Villan…  I decided to make wednesday my measuring day, so tomorrow Im throwing my self in the fire – It will be hard to face the truth the severeness it has gotten to at this point.

My Goal is 20-25 kg. But I have time

  1. -5 kg – end of June
  2. -8 kg – e.o July
  3. -12 kg – e.o Aug

If I make these goals – I will come back and raise the bar for my next middle goal!

I just got myself a LCHF recipe book, and can already feel more motivated – I hope it lasts!

You are welcome to share any tips to make this road just a little but lighter :p

Sleep tight 😉


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