So its been a while huh!

Big changes here lately and this past summer just flew by! In June we found out we were expecting our 2nd baby!!! YAY! We are so excited! I kind of slept away the first 3 months and went straight in to 2. trimester :p Not bad finding out at 12 weeks eh?

Due date is set to 14th January 2012 and we just passed the 20 week milestone and we are half way! Can you believe it!!

BunBun is very exited to be a big sister and I think she’s even more exited that it looks like the baby is a SHE – yes another little girl!!

Wr got some crappy scan pics – that was not the midwifes specialty som we are getting a 3D scan done in week 30 🙂

This is our little girls face in profile – is it just me or does she look like BunBun?! 😀

 The Tummyhouse at 20 weeks:

Ill be updating allot more here now as its official 🙂

Stay tuned!


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