Got to love autumn

Yeah, I know its wet and getting dark and cold – but there is something very special about this season. The color changes, the cosiness of late evenings with a lively fire sparkling and off course HOT coco and marshmallows on a wooden stick… Yumm!

I also love how this time leads us towards Christmas and all the amazing traditions Ill get to enjoy with my little one!

There is a little melancholy about this as well – just a vague hint of sadness over the fact that it will be the last weeks of just our little Bun and us. Soon after we will be a family of four – and it will change our life forever – yet again… Hopefully in a wonderful life, filled with even more love and happiness!

Bun just got all her new Autumn and vinter gear – and she can now ply ll she wants with still keeping dry and warm. I love Isbjörn Of Sweden – The look and the quality is amazing! I want to thank for a fabulous costumer service – Ill be back to this store 😉

Have to share some action shots of our little outdoor princess

– Keep bright eyes! –


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