I still cant believe that we have come this far already! Even though I will be honest and say this pregnancy has proven to be way more challenging and “tough” then with Bun.. I am more physically tired and off course I do have an almost three year old girl that needs me. My back is utterly painful most of the day and I need intense Chiro treatment to make it through the week .. I will however manage and I cant wait for the lil Muffin to arrive!

I have done a little bit of shopping this time too – but nothing like I did with Bun. This time we do have most of what we need. That is a relief – as Im not that mobile :p

A few thing I do need to get is a hanging cradle, or more like a “hammock” with springs for a vertical rocking. We are lucky to get one at a very reduced price from my dear friend Kine. Its an “Indian hammock” and just gorgeous!

*Photo borrowed via Google – Let me know If I need to take it down!

I can hardly wait! Im getting a new lambskin for it and maybe a small natural mattress  for the start when the baby is small.

The springs Ill get from – This will provide the hammock with a slow and comfortable vertical rocking to sooth the baby 🙂 After reading the good experiences of other parents Im hoping this is the way to go!

Im also getting the mattress and sheets there.

 Ill get the connecters for the ceiling in a local hardware store – I need some that have excellent quality and “non creak” feature :p

Other than that its the hard bag for our Urban Jungle stroller that needs ordering and I MAY change the baby car seat. NOT sure yet though – depends on what Ill get for selling the one we have. Im drooling over the new Maxi Cosi “Pebble” – I think it looks sooo comfortable!

I will still need to get more wool – Its cold here in Jan, and I missed having more wool with Bun at that time.

There is allot I want – so Ill just hope I can control my self and have a run through all of Buns stuff – I think we will have more than enough….

Im really looking forward to the 3D scans now! Only a couple more weeks to go! Oh JOY!



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