27 weeks!

Can’t even comprehend the fact that we are this far along already?! Like For real? – I keep laughing out loud..

27 weeks!

Our not-so-tiny-anymore baby (2 pounds and 14.5 inches long!) is slowly rotating in preparation to “head out” for the grand entrance on her birthday!

Now obviously, this doesn’t happen overnight, but when I do start to feel a new sort of pressure “down there” (aka my cervix), I’ll know we’ve got a fully flipped locked-n-loaded womb-fruit waiting for the countdown to launch!

Impressive physical developments of the week: Our girl’s lungs are already capable of breathing air as her vascular system can now handle oxygen/carbon exchange and her brain stem can now regulate rhythmic breathing as well as her basal body temperature!

For what it’s worth for us, at this point in a healthy pregnancy – if I were to give birth prematurely, our tiny fighter could easily win on the show: “Survivor: The Early Years.”

I think I’ll give my belly a gentle hi-five for the accomplishment!



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