29 weeks!

I’ve been feeling weird little fluttering butterflies in my belly lately, it’s not just my run-of-the-mill pre-birth performance anxiety. 
Actually, it’s our amazing baby with a case of the hiccups: a fairly common occurrence at this point, due to her practicing breathing for her big birthday.
In addition to getting a round of butterfly-like hiccups, our little swimmer has arduously managed to accumulate enough baby fat to account for nearly 3.5% of her overall body weight.
Yeah, compared to we lardy adults, it’s not very impressive, but considering she used to have NO fat, it’s certainly a healthy (and body-warming) accomplishment in its way.
Another fantastic life-critical accomplishment: our baby’s spleen is now in charge of hematopoiesis — the 10 dollar name for the process involved in building up certain important blood components.

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