Goodness me – 33 weeks!

For all the weight and bulk Im lugging around these days, you’d think our little princess would weigh more than a mere 4 pounds!
But once you add in the placenta, amniotic fluid, and extra blood, I’ve got at least 10 pounds of baby and her life-support gear smooshed up against your organs!
In terms of appearance, our sweet lil’ looker is getting cuter and pudgier every day as they pile on that adorable baby fat.
And I know all too well, our womb kick-boxer is getting stronger with every passing day. Heck, it’s even possible to observe a well-placed belly-wobbling kick just by watching my belly!
Despite her obviously increasing strength, our bigger-by-the-day baby girl will actually start dropping her rate of movement in the last few weeks, no thanks to their restricted womb space.
When movement ceases for over an hour, I drink some cold juice, lay on my side and wait for some added movement 😀
Info: Baby Gaga

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