38 weeks!

The final details are being rounded off before our rocket-baby’s big launch into the world.
For one, our adorable poop-factory’s meconium stockpile is growing (better get ready for that historical first tarry black poo!!) as her baby fat stores continue to increase.
Most importantly, our wee genius’ rapidly developing super-brain is abuzz with new brain cells that’ll be growing for years to come.
Whether we give birth tomorrow (yes!) or next week (aw), our fantastic babyBun is pretty much 100% ready to face the world outside of the womb.
And by “ready”, I mean weak, helpless and unable to do anything other than cry, pee, poop, and eat. (Cayla got a big giggle out of that comment – sometimes I think she really does think she’s getting a 3 yo playmate!) *lol* Cant wait to see her face when she realizes its not much more entertaining than her BabyBorn Doll… 😉



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