New Stroller for BabyBun ❤

Yes! Finally Im getting my dream stroller! Well, a “lighter version” of it. I figured since Mali is already going to be 5 months next week and we are traveling for the whole summer – the big heavy stroller would be a tad overdoing it.

So come tuesday, this beauty will be arriving and I cant wait!!

Emmaljunga Nitro City White Letherette ❤

I love the reversible seat unit to change child’s driving direction. It was one of the reasons I wanted to change stroller. I feel uncomfortable having my baby turned away from me on the stroll – especially as early as 6months. I want to be the secure and safe person for my baby and not over stimulate her with foreign unfamiliar surroundings. This way, she is free to turn away when tired and ill get to read her signals faster. I also decided to get the Quadrolift for it – seing as shes not sitting upright yet and it had very good features that follow the baby to toddler stage


I can not wait!!!


See you ❤


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