Missing Teddy ♥

For about 6 months now the idea to letting Teddy go has popped up in our minds now and then. He showed more and more signes of deterioration and it was scaring us. We knew we would have to make the decision in good time before we left for Toronto, but it was so tough. I was dreading it so much and just thinking bout it made me sick of grief.

In the end our minds were made up and we could not postpone the inevitable any more. We brought him to the vet who tragically had to agree with us and also said – its time..

So our goregeous, beloved Teddy (Leionetts Voila Le Cognac) went to sleep on my lap to start his journey over the Rainbow Bridge the 14th June 2012.

Cayla has talked bout Teddy allot since then and a couple weeks ago she went looking for Teddy in heaven to give him a kiss…  I wanted to keep the memories of that day and brought my camera along. Even though some of the pics are sad – they are to me incredibly beautiful and shows just how much love a 3 year old has in her heart for her dog.

She decides that Heaven is too big, and that he will have to just get a blow kiss ♥

Play nice Teddy! Bring our love to all your friends up there

Love you ♥ miss you


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