You ever heard about the crazy cat lady? Well meet “The crazy toy lady”…

Well, I knew I was a crazy My Little Pony fan when I was young but turns out, I never quite outgrew them..

Ever since my lovely four year old started showing interest for MLP, I took a trip down memory lane and remembered my own obsession with the cute lil ponies and their cutie marks ❤ It suddenly hit me hard – again, the grief I felt when I lost my childhood collection and had nothing to hand down to my girls…

I went on a crazy buying spree and bought as many of the G4 FiM collection as I could find – new and “used”. She now has mostly all characters released (not all versions) and several of the “hard to find” limited playsets.

Some of the G4 Fim collection

However I also saw there was a massive market of b/s/t the original G1 ponies and went on a quest to find all the ponies I my self once had as a child… Most of them I have found in impeccable condition, whilst other bear the marks of once being a beloved toy  ❤

Some of the G1s

Peachy & Lemon Drop

I also have to mention I had some help along the way and specially one in particular ❤ Isabella ❤ Because of your amazing act of kindness my 4 yo also has the same Show Stable and the Pretty Parlor completely intact with ponies and all. We also love the Waterfall play set that included an amazing Sprinkles ❤

The amazing gift from Isabella

The Show Stable


Got to love Ponies!




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