Celebrians tøybleier <3

Jeg har en fantastisk venn – en venn som er en magiker med symaskinen og syr de fineste tøybleier! Disse ble raskt en stor favoritt til Bolla når hun var rundt 6mnd og vi hadde et stort stash av dem ❤ nå har jeg et par flotte til LilleBolla også og når jeg så at Lillegull Tøybleier som er butikken til Celebrians Design hadde en dukkebleie å gi bort ble jeg selvsagt med på den!

I dag dukket den opp i posten og Bolla måtte selvsagt bytte bleie på Sara med en gang 😉


Sjekk ut lillegullbleier.no – masse fint til mor og barn!

Tusen takk Heidi! Du er fantastisk!


Kids Storage Units…

Norway Is CRAP! .. Or not.. Not Always.. Just the selection of stuff 😉

I need to go search for this here – I bet you some store will have it, its just I have not found it yet :p

But LOOK at this fab unit from Honey Can Do – Its soo perfect and I need some for toys AND cloth diapers!

Image with curtesy from Amzaon.com


Sweet Pea All-in-3 *Review*

How typical of me to find an awesome diaper at the end of our diapering stage!

Thanks to Lillegull Tøybleier importing these to Norway – We are lucky enough to get to try them out!

I have to say Im blown away by the quality of these – and even though they are designed in gorgeous Canada by Sweet Pea Diapers – they are manifactured in China. I do however have to emphasise that I have allot of “China made” cloth and most can’t compare to these in quality!

They come complete with 1 “fitted” 3 layer bamboo/cotton blend snap in insert + a 3 layer hourglass shaped fleece “stay-dry” booster that both snaps in the cover. The cover can also be used as a cover over any prefold, flat or fitted. They even have 2 free sheets of Bummies biodegradable bio liners in the pack! Im very impressed, and Bun has tried allot!

On to the goodies! Lots of pics as I got some good shots of Bun in good light today! Enjoy ♡

The behind

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SO amazingly trim!
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Will deffo last us through the diaper stage
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*showing off her “bellybutton”
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please ignore the bribe 
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Just because shes so perfect!
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I got me some Horsie! ❤

I have a girl – I know! But this colorway has been a BIG favourite of mine for a looong time and have been dying to get my hands on some.

Today it landed in my mailbox and I have to say it exeeds all my expectations and its sooo gorgeous in real life! I have to go deep in to my thinkingbox to figure out what this fabulous string should become.

Dashing Dachs “Horsie” on Stallion Organinc Merino



A wonderfully weird and cute name for a clothdiaper brand ey? Well, I have been wanting to try one for ages but never really had “mac time” at the stocking or often just plainly forgot! I guess that is what happens when cash run low or when you have MORE than enough diapers for a LO….
Love her website, love her taste in fabrics and combos this evening I somehow managed to get 2 – yes TWO of them… One for Bun and one for a future LO These highly stalked diapers are made of:

Outer: Cotton interlock

Middle: Bamboo terry

Inner: Soooft microfleece from Malden Mills

For Bun – Purple Fairy Funk Size M.

For a future LO or as gift  – Teasing Fairy Size NB.

Check out her wonderfully fresh store and keep an eye out for her next stocking – liking her FB page might give you a heads up