A new era has begun!

My little Bun started daycare this week as the new school year rolled on. It will be so much fun for little Bun – as she is such a social little being! Also the playtime and pedagogical frame at daycare with kids her own age will be such a treat! We adore our local daycare center which has a phenomenal staff and outdoor play area. (One of the things I love about the Norwegian culture, is the love for nature and physical stimulation.

We now have two girls in daycare – and momma got some time to start sorting the house out!



New year, almost 1st birthday time!

It’s suddenly 2013 and Mali is almost 1! This year has just flown by and looking back its been a wonderful, busy and sat times exhausting year… But still so full of love! Mali came to us 14th January and completed our family circle ❤




Back to reality

After spending 10 weeks visiting family in Toronto, we are back to reality.

I really miss my morning Milky Tea, the Kombucha tea , the trips to the local Y and the lifeguards – and off course the family! But lets face it – there is nothing like HOME!

Tons to do – so im creating a “To Do” Evernote (love this program!) Also have to start planning Christmas gifts! *phew* Looks like this fall will be just as busy as last year :p

Wanted to share my littelest munchkin Mali – almost 8 months old! Oh my how time flies – where did my baby go?

Mali in her Elliebelly Pellucidly Overalls knitted by Sarah Lewis