A new era has begun!

My little Bun started daycare this week as the new school year rolled on. It will be so much fun for little Bun – as she is such a social little being! Also the playtime and pedagogical frame at daycare with kids her own age will be such a treat! We adore our local daycare center which has a phenomenal staff and outdoor play area. (One of the things I love about the Norwegian culture, is the love for nature and physical stimulation.

We now have two girls in daycare – and momma got some time to start sorting the house out!



Back to reality

After spending 10 weeks visiting family in Toronto, we are back to reality.

I really miss my morning Milky Tea, the Kombucha tea , the trips to the local Y and the lifeguards – and off course the family! But lets face it – there is nothing like HOME!

Tons to do – so im creating a “To Do” Evernote (love this program!) Also have to start planning Christmas gifts! *phew* Looks like this fall will be just as busy as last year :p

Wanted to share my littelest munchkin Mali – almost 8 months old! Oh my how time flies – where did my baby go?

Mali in her Elliebelly Pellucidly Overalls knitted by Sarah Lewis