I still cant believe that we have come this far already! Even though I will be honest and say this pregnancy has proven to be way more challenging and “tough” then with Bun.. I am more physically tired and off course I do have an almost three year old girl that needs me. My back is utterly painful most of the day and I need intense Chiro treatment to make it through the week .. I will however manage and I cant wait for the lil Muffin to arrive!

I have done a little bit of shopping this time too – but nothing like I did with Bun. This time we do have most of what we need. That is a relief – as Im not that mobile :p

A few thing I do need to get is a hanging cradle, or more like a “hammock” with springs for a vertical rocking. We are lucky to get one at a very reduced price from my dear friend Kine. Its an “Indian hammock” and just gorgeous!

*Photo borrowed via Google – Let me know If I need to take it down!

I can hardly wait! Im getting a new lambskin for it and maybe a small natural mattress  for the start when the baby is small.

The springs Ill get from sneglehuset.com – This will provide the hammock with a slow and comfortable vertical rocking to sooth the baby 🙂 After reading the good experiences of other parents Im hoping this is the way to go!

Im also getting the mattress and sheets there.

 Ill get the connecters for the ceiling in a local hardware store – I need some that have excellent quality and “non creak” feature :p

Other than that its the hard bag for our Urban Jungle stroller that needs ordering and I MAY change the baby car seat. NOT sure yet though – depends on what Ill get for selling the one we have. Im drooling over the new Maxi Cosi “Pebble” – I think it looks sooo comfortable!

I will still need to get more wool – Its cold here in Jan, and I missed having more wool with Bun at that time.

There is allot I want – so Ill just hope I can control my self and have a run through all of Buns stuff – I think we will have more than enough….

Im really looking forward to the 3D scans now! Only a couple more weeks to go! Oh JOY!



My princess, my all – my everything!

My little angel came to me yesterday morning and asked me to get a few snaps of her. As its not often she does have time for me to snap her that often anymore I leaped at the chance while she was in a “posing” mood :p I edited them with a few poem brushes from deviantArt.com to make them just a tad more cute!

Well here is the result! Enjoy 🙂 Cayla is  now 2 years ans 8 months old.


25 weeks!

We are 25 weeks along into the pregnancy and Im ecstatic! We have had a busy few months and I feel this pregnancy is too fast.. – ill have to look back to this post at 38 weeks :p

The best thing with having the due-date mid January is that its right after Christmas and that means time will feel faster as its a busy time – and Ill still *hopefully* get some “down time” in January to get mentally ready for this new little miracle to join our family

A bit about how our little girl will develop this next week: (From baby-gaga.com)

Our little grower’s physical proportions are pretty much birth-ready and most of her remaining development will largely be weight gain and a ton of nervous system development. 

The good news is: if our child were to be born premature, she’d likely survive without much trauma as her lungs started producing “surfactant” last week, which means her tiny respiratory system is getting stronger with each passing day.

Yes, now’s a good time for a minor sigh of relief and a quick pat on the back. All that hard work and conscientious living is really getting our child prepared for a healthy delivery.

In mobile-fetus news: our baby should be scootching slowly out of the breech position (head upright, with their butt-n-legs down by my pelvis) and start rotating around for a head-first exit through the birth canal.

If all goes well, and our little womb hi-jacker isn’t a contrary one, she’ll be locked-n-loaded in the next few weeks!

Time is short (or really long, depending on who you ask) — just (still!) 14 weeks left before I can go back to being a single-resident human… with one tiny brand-spankin’ new family member!


So its been a while huh!

Big changes here lately and this past summer just flew by! In June we found out we were expecting our 2nd baby!!! YAY! We are so excited! I kind of slept away the first 3 months and went straight in to 2. trimester :p Not bad finding out at 12 weeks eh?

Due date is set to 14th January 2012 and we just passed the 20 week milestone and we are half way! Can you believe it!!

BunBun is very exited to be a big sister and I think she’s even more exited that it looks like the baby is a SHE – yes another little girl!!

Wr got some crappy scan pics – that was not the midwifes specialty som we are getting a 3D scan done in week 30 🙂

This is our little girls face in profile – is it just me or does she look like BunBun?! 😀

 The Tummyhouse at 20 weeks:

Ill be updating allot more here now as its official 🙂

Stay tuned!


Something special

It is… Something special to be in bed late at night “all alone”… Listening to the firm steady breaths of ones sleeping child. She’s so gorgeous, so peaceful and innocent – still so unaware of the big world out there. I find it healing just looking at her at the end of the day – good or bad- she makes it all worth getting up in the morning and do it all over again. She’s my fuel, my own little Duracell bunny that never stops… I wonder if I will ever be able to describe how wholeheartedly I love her – I hope she can feel it every day like I do her unconditional love and trust for me. How grateful I am to be blessed with this family!



Christmas Eve…

Well, that is what the calender says anyway.

May be I have learned my lesson at this point? I wanted to get away from the Christmas stress, the hassle of deciding who to be with x-mas eve and NOT step on any toes and last minute changes that breaks my heart – but I have to say it might still be worth it, to at least have SOME Christmas spirit… I feel a bit sad and “lonely” as I cant seem to find that spirit outside “my family traditions”. I guess Im just a big baby inside – and that I “need” the normal :p

Anyway – I feel a bit better after having had my mom and dad on Skype and wishing them “GOD JUL” as we Norwegians call it! Love SKYPE!