40 weeks – 3 days to go till due date!

This is seriously scary – so close now and still, it can take another week and more before we see our princess… The wait is almost over but are we ready? Still a few practical things to figure out and get in place – but mostly, we are ready to bring a baby home. The mental part is a whole different story …

Our wee baby girl is now all cooked! Thats right – getting ready for takeoff – head first ūüėČ



39 weeks… Countdown – 10 days to go!

Our rocket-baby may launch at any time, it’s just a matter of time before this entire situation gets rollin’! Its scary and exiting and suuuuper¬†nerve racking¬†trying to get everything in place.

The little rascal is having a few parties a day and feel like¬†she’s¬†going to come bursting out¬†Alien style! There is hardly any room in there for her now but she still manages to do the Tango and Salsa every now and again :p

We’re all ready to have your sweet little bun’s first birthday party! Welcome to join our family sweet pea!

Here is our LittleBun’s tummyhouse at 39 weeks!¬†


Happy New Year!

Its 2012!!

Can you believe it?? We made it into the New Year and I have to say Im slowly letting down my shoulders and breathing more relaxed now. There is no chance of us having a december 2011 baby anymore! YAY! Now our little swimmer has a free pass to enter the world! РI bet you shell have me banging my head at the wall of crazy waiting games now Рjust for the hell of it! *giggle*

I have to say Im doing rather well with our wee lil¬†genius, but I am feeling the weight¬†and pressure rather well. My symphysis would think it was beaten half to death and I¬†vaguely remember the painful experience of falling down on my big brothers bike – yes the older ones with the rail¬†…. So Im glad to know little princess has settled head down in birth position!


38 weeks!

The final details are being rounded off before our rocket-baby’s big launch into the world.
For one, our adorable poop-factory’s meconium stockpile is growing (better get ready for that historical first tarry black poo!!) as her baby fat stores continue to increase.
Most importantly, our wee genius’ rapidly developing super-brain is abuzz with new brain cells that’ll be growing for years to come.
Whether we give birth tomorrow (yes!) or next week (aw), our fantastic babyBun is pretty much 100% ready to face the world outside of the womb.
And by “ready”, I mean weak, helpless and unable to do anything other than cry, pee, poop, and eat. (Cayla got a big giggle out of that comment – sometimes I think she really does think¬†she’s¬†getting a 3 yo playmate!) *lol*¬†Cant wait to see her face when she realizes its not much more entertaining than her BabyBorn Doll… ūüėČ



37 weeks! Holy moly!

Now its seriously close! 
Since I haven’t yet delivered, I’ve reached the calm before the storm. Im monitoring my body for those first Early Labor symptoms and wondering what I’ve forgotten.
Our smooshed-up baby girl is weighing in at around 6.3 lbs and 19 inches.
As far as her internal organs go, our adorable poop and blood factory has reached “term” – a medical term that means our sweet little bun is birth-ready and labor is welcome and normal at this point.
Despite being physically ready to land on planet Earth, our baby’s immune system is quite weak and will continue to be that way for their first years of life.
Thankfully, my breast milk (aka “boob medicine”) protects your child via protective antibodies that are present in your breast milk.
Source: Baby Gaga.com

36 weeks! Yay!

The countdown to our sweet lil’ womb hi-jacker’s eviction is closing in!
In fetal developments: most of the bones (soft skull aside) in their little body are now completely hardened, providing a solid structure from which she can now make her grand debut into the world!
In physical fitness news: our mini-champ’s muscle tone is improving, and you‚Äôll be impressed by her steel-like Ulnar grasp (a newborn reflex that occurs if you lay your finger in their palm).


35 weeks! and a year older ;)

Congratulations to us! We’re now carrying over 5 pounds of baby-goodness Рnot counting her amniotic fluid, the umbilical cord, or the placenta itself.
Developmentally, our wee womb-tenant has the fat-factory running at full tilt while her digestive system puts the finishing touches on critical organs in preparation for her first meal (remember – before birth, all of her nutrition was blood via the umbilical cord).
With her first meal in mind, it’s time to look forward to one of the most important things I’ll do for our BabyBun – namely, keeping her happily full and healthy with nothing more than my breasts.