Cayla’s Closet

NB! Sorry bout the mess but this page is under construction and photos will be added in a gallery at the bottom of the page 🙂 


MJ Lovely Vest Peasant Top 2

MJ Zephyr No Knot Top 2

MJ Shabby Top 4

MJ Sugerland Creme De Menthe Top 4

MJ Libby Top 4

MJ Shortcake Hoodie 4

MJ Blueberry Boat Tee 4


MJ Cassi Tank 6

MJ Plat Chalkboard Tank 4

MJ Tuney Tank 4

MJ Pixie Tank 4

MJ Art Fair Tank 4

MJ Whipple Top 4

Persnickety Heirloom Pink Stripe Lau Lau Top


MJ HOC Shasta Knot Dress 4

MJ Mabeline Dress 4

MJ Peppermint Dress


MJ HR Yesterday Big Ruffles 2

MJ Strawberry Bloom Ruffles 2

MJ JE Strawberry Pink Lemonade 2

MJ HOC Jillian Big Ruffles 2 & 6

MJ Amethyst Big Ruffles 2

MJ Sweet Big Ruffles 4

MJ Sugarland Blithe Velma Velour Ruffles 4

MJ Moon Ruffles 4

MJ Lime Crush Big Ruffles 4

Persnickety Hairloom Pink Stripe Bell Pants 4


MJ Mud strightees 2


MJ Everyday leggings 2

MJ Dizzy Leggings 2


MJ Mud Pie Shorties

MJ Starlet Shorties


MJ True Blue Willow

Geometry Tights



Persnickety Heirloom Pink Stripe Lau Lau Top

Persnickety Heirloom Pink Stripe Bell pants

Persnickety Heirloom Picnic Dress


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