In the diffuser today


I really needed the Stress Away today 💗 I might have to try for the Pan Away too… My head is on a mission to kill me!


I want to be a Lemon Dropper!


One of my dear friends online – Sarah, has opened up a world of precious drops of Essential Oils to me. Young Living is a wonderful company that brings us premium quality EO’s with Seed to Seal® process, ensuring the purity of each essential oil. Sarah helped me get my very own Premium Starter Kit that includes the Home Diffuser (Not currently available in the European Starter Kits.) I now have a good start to my plan to re-vamp our family’s medicine cabinet. These oils seem to be little miracles in a bottle – and knowing they are pure and all nature, really made up my mind to go for it. Ive read countless testimonials and also feel the little experience we have already it shows it does work! My new “med-cab” now includes


The reason I went through Sarah to get my Starter Kit is the Home Diffuser. The home diffuser combines a humidifier, air purifier, atomizer, and aromatherapy diffuser into one product that safely releases essential oils into the air to eliminate odors and create a spa-like atmosphere in the home. Aahh.. Home spa – whats not to like!?

c87a9e3bfef934de59fcefe5fdeebdbaWe have been using the “Breath Easy” roll on this past winter and I feel It has helped allot during colds and sinus infections. Next cold season I’ll be ready with our own chest rub too and off course – the diffuser!

I’ll be updating the blog with our experiences along the way!

If you want to learn more about EO’s, please visit Young Living‘s beautiful website or drop by the Lemon Drop Lounge for an inspirational experience!

Keep Healthy!



Kan Nav bli bedre?

Fikk tilsendt denne utrolig bra skrevne bloggposten fra lillemeglede.wordpress.com – “Kan NAV bli bedre”. Syns den er veldig verdt å dele videre da h*n har fått frem temaet som opptar meg en del på en veldig god og informativ måte.

Dagens lille ME-glede

For noen dager siden fikk jeg en invitasjon på epost. Den var fra Arbeids- og sosialdepartementet. I invitasjonen, som var fra ministeren selv, sto det:

Fra første dag som statsråd har jeg vært tydelig på at jeg ønsker et mer brukervennlig NAV. Et NAV som gjør møtet med etaten både enklere og smidigere, og som blir enda bedre til å hjelpe folk over i arbeid. Jeg har tro på at forenkling og minst mulig byråkrati vil gi en mer effektiv organisasjon – og dermed gode brukeropplevelser. Nå ser jeg frem til å få råd fra deg som vet hvor skoen trykker: Hva fungerer bra i NAV? Og hva bør endres?

Ministeren ville møte brukerne, muligens et eksempel på den avbyråkratisering han ser for seg.

Som de aller fleste med ME, har jeg en og annen ide om hva som kan gjøres forskjellig i Nav. I dagene før jeg skulle på møtet, vred…

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A new adoptee!

I’ve told you lot before in the old blog I have inhereted my mother doll obsessions – though I’m more fond of the Asian BJD tiny dolls, Lati Yellows are the closest to my heart at the moment and we just had a new girl move in. She is a Limited Edition Cubie from the Dragon event. She used to look like:

Screen Shot 2013-11-08 at 10.03.36 AMNow she has a custom face-up, but Im not sure by who. She was an aboptee.

DSC_0053As most of you must be wondering – no, I don’t sit around the playing house with them. But I do enjoy to dress them up and take photos of them ans experiment with them as my photo props! 😉


My baby has moved back to his home with his mama and brother in Oslo.

Thanks to Guro and Lilly who also bred this letter for me, he will have the best opportunity to make the best out of his potential. I was hoping he would bring me back into the ring and to the Dog world – but I have to bite the dust and acknowledge that my health is just too limited at this time and have decided to take a long break from my showing and breeding dream. Thank you so much Guro and Lilly for being a big support and for opening your home to my precious dogs – Panda and her babies could not have gotten a better home! I’m so grateful.



New Year – New Beginning…?

… not really 😉

Its really just a continuance right?… I have been totally off blogging for a while now. I’ve just struggled to find inspiration, positives, energy and time… Well, we are heading towards lighter days – with sunlight comes Spring and hopefully some positive energy!

Most in my life is the same as before – yet still, not the same at all. I actually have a darling 2 year old now – TWO!! – and my oldest love will be 5 in a week – FIVE YEARS.. It’s really unbelievable! Where did all those years go, what happened? I get it – life… LIFE happened right there, in front of my flat, fat, face.

I’m not sure how I feel about it – whether to laugh or cry – laugh for having made it this far, for being blessed with two gorgeous little girls, for still being married to my love and best friend – Cry for still being sick. For what this illness is making me miss out on and what it makes my children and husband have to adjust to…

M.E – Myalgic Encephalomyelitis is the invisible illness that rules my life. It has taken me, beaten me to a pulp and spat me out.. Leaving me feeling like I was run over by a bulldozer and in a everlasting flu – leaving me empty, in pain, degraded and full of shame… Ashamed of being sick… To not being able to work and provide my share of expenses. To have to grovel for my means of living. I feel like an outsider most of the time, having to turn down invitations to any social gathering. Made to pass on most activities outside of the home.

How do I make people understand that the few hours of socializing incl. the prep time ect. can take me weeks to recover from – Its so hard to explain without feeling like a lazy moron. Cus “normal, healthy” people can’t… I’ve been there. It hits me hard to admit I was once one of those people who just could not grasp the reality of this SO REAL, SO DEVASTATING ILLNESS.

You might think .” Oh but I saw you the other day, smiling, laughing, talking cheerfully away….” – Yes!!! You got to see me on a day where I fought a battle! A good day, a day I needed to do something for my children or to keep my social sanity.  You don’t get to see the bad or the worst, because I won’t be out. I’ll be home in our bed, or on our couch recovering – or trying to recover, before another battle is fought for my children, for my way of life.

Its only the handful few AMAZING friends that get it and still keeps coming back – understanding that I am not turning THEM down. It kills me that I’m not able to return invites either. That just the few hours of a small dinner party or visit is like climbing a mountain without the adrenaline rush of accomplishment and getting to put down ones flag at the peak, or like giving birth without the wonderful  bundle of love handed to ones chest at the finish line) Its such a huge task for me to overcome that It very rarely happens anymore.

The thing is, I have my kids. Small beautiful kids. They need their mama. They need their mama always. I have to prioritize them before ANYTHING else in my life and to be honest, it does not leave much of me for others. Cus at the end of the day, I still need to be their mama after the guests has gone – I cant just lay down and sleep for a week like I feel like I need to. Then we are back round, full circle to the constant feeling of shame and being inadequate. I did not choose this – I did not choose to not live a full life – I did not choose to have M.E! I’d trade this for a full time job in a heartbeat! If you believe otherwise, I’d be happy to lend you my shoes for a day – I bet my life on you changing your mind. Other then that I would not wish this on any soul…

If you want to try to understand me and M.E, please watch the video below for a good intro. I will put links under if you want even more facts – both in English and Norwegian – Thank you for caring!

Video by sleepydust.net






Keep safe,