How and why we started carrying?
Carrying our baby has been a lifesaver on so many occasions: As Bun was a baby suffering from KISS and colic, she had difficulties with being in her stroller and did not like laying down on her back at all. Everyday life got a bit more challenging. Having a wrap, MeiTai or other ergonomically correct carrier gave us and Bun a chance to still live with full enjoyment and created a closer bond with our daughter that we would never want to be without! Thanks to many lovely mamas and papas that share their knowledge of carrying, we got so much more freedom and pleasure we would not manage without! I highly recommend any parents to carry and bond with their little new miracle!

We are the proud owners of the following carriers: (does change from time to time)


eye2eye Onbu-Hybrid, purple Linen and Fuchsia silk “Swirls”

eye2eye MeiTai, black Cord  “old style wings” w/teal.

*photo will come soon*


Didymos Geckoes Mauvein

PAXbaby Double Rainbow Girasol

Gypsy Mama Bali Breeze

*photo coming soon*

Boba stretchy wrap


Kleinsmekker Ava

*photo coming soon*

Home made Fairy gift

Buckle ❧

LE Viola Spring Manduca

Gó Klompen Baby Full Buckle Custom – Zara Purple/Silk

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