Day of Christmas baking!

Today we were invited to our sweet friends & neighbours for an afternoon of Christmas backing ❤ Gingerbread characters is on the agenda 🙂

Two happy bakers!




The gifts!


Okay, I just have to! 
Buns gifts this year was incredible – and ours to be honest!

♡ Rainbow Doll (Waldorf dukke)
♡Home knitted clothes for Rainbow Doll
♡ Hello Kitty bags
♡ Hello Kitty Drawingboard

♡ Lots of Passes to Metro Playland
♡ Upsi Daisy + bed
♡ Baby Born guttedukke
♡ Baby Alive dukke

♡ LeapFrog Explorer + TinkerBell, Nihao Kai-Lan, Dora games
♡ LeapFrog Tag Junior + Winnie The Pooh, Nihao Kai-Lan og Elephant book
♡ Fisher Price iXL
♡ Bros Kids Winter coat
♡ Nihao Kai-lan Mega Bloks
♡ Dora Duplo Bloks
♡ Gigantic Stickerbook Littlelest Pet Shop
♡ Bag with doll accessories
♡ UGG Classic Toddler
Clothes from Baby Gap, Gymboree, The Childrens Place 


>The spirit was retrived :)


Christmas day!

This gift opening was a bit weird.. But still lots of fun and Im so grateful for the wonderful gifts received from our families and friends!

Since my blog post yesterday was a bit sad and boring I wanted to share the gift that really saved the day!
I cant get enough of this – Just the look on her face and the pure joy and gratitude! She is still playing with her and really enjoying her Sonya, The Rainbow Doll 🙂


>…Really, more yarn?

>Eh.. Yes Really!

The thing is, our Christmas set – The Born In A Barn and Sweetiebird Fashions collaboration I posted a while back – was too small for BunBun! I was sooo sad that I managed to measure her wrong. When it arrived, I was so blown away by the fabulous making that I was devestated when I found out it was too small.
I contacted the wonderful WAHMs – and amazingly enough they agreed to make DD another set in a size up! Im soo happy! Thank you both, Beth and Sarah – you have made our X-mas!

Now a this gorgeousness in a size 2T will be my lil BunBun’s x-mas outfit 🙂 My mama will knit her a longies to match the dress 🙂

 “12 Days of Christmas”

And if that was not enough…

My mama bought us these wonderful … a time to dye “Girly sraps” dye ends on Licorice Twist. They are forthe making of Buns very own “scrappy style” longies!

  Yarn lovers craze! It’s ludicrous! It’s wonderful!